Public transport

overview of current sanitary
precautions in Brno public transport

Measures imposed from Saturday 1 May 2021

  • All measures
  • For passengers
  • Transport service
  • General recommendations

Face protection inside vehicles

Covering your mouth and nose is obligatory on board of all public transport vehicles, using a FFP2 face respirator, a nanofiber face mask or two surgical masks worn on top of each other (exceptions from this duty are listed in the directive of the Mistry of Health).

Service follows the regular timetables for workdays

• From 1 May 2021, all daytime lines of public transport in Brno follow the timetables for workdays, although the service still isn't as frequent as the standard schedule before the pandemic restrictions.

• For the new timetables go to the DPMB website.

Face protection at stops and on the street

Covering your mouth and nose is obligatory on all public transport stop platforms and in all stop shelters. On the street, the mask is mandatory as well (exceptions from this duty are listed in the directive of the Mistry of Health).

Service on school bus lines renewed

Due to the partial school attendance, selected bus lines will be reinforced by additional connections from Monday 12 April 2021. Service on school bus line will be partially restored. Pay close attention to individual timetables, more information at the DPMB website.

Nighttime service restrictions

Connections of all nighttime bus lines, departing at 0:30 & 1:30 on weekends and holidays from Hlavní nádraží, are cancelled till further notice. On workdays, regular service remains, except for selected reinforcement connections which are cancelled. Please pay attention to the individual timetables.

Request stops

The request stops are again served on request only, so vehicles aren't serving every single stop automatically anymore. Passengers must give a signal to the driver if they want to use a request stop.

Opening the door

When a vehicle serves a stop, the driver opens all its doors automatically. This measure helps to ventilate the vehicle's interior and eliminates the unnecessary contact with buttons, which passengers don't have to push anymore.

Social distance

Please keep the recommended social distance of at least 1,5 m (~5 ft) from other people when possible: on the street, on stop platforms or in emptier vehicles.

Ticket purchase

To avoid physical contact between the drivers and passengers, tickets are no longer sold by drivers. Please obtain your ticket in advance in a ticket machine or a shop. You may also use the contactless card payment onboard.

Ventilation at termini

While waiting at a terminus, every vehicle keeps its doors open for as long as possible to ensure better ventilation of its interior.

Vehicle hygiene

All DPMB vehicles are cleaned on a daily basis, but more concentrated and more potent cleaning agents are being used to sanitize interiors.

Personal hygiene

• Wash and sanitize your hands regularly.

• Cough and sneeze into your elbow or sleeve, not your palms.

• Avoid people who appear to be sick.

• If you don't feel good, limit your movement to a bare minimum.

No first door boarding

When boarding buses and trolleybuses within the Brno city territory, do not use the first door of a vehicle! The first door is used for exit only! Boarding rules may differ on regional bus lines.

Vehicle sanitizing

Not only we clean the interiors of our vehicles with sanitizing agents, but vehicles are also sanitized with ozone during the night and several vehicles have been treated with special sanitizing spray layer.


Masked Dragon

Documentary movie about how DPMB coped with the coronavirus pandemic during the first half of 2020.

There is no shame in wearing a mask!

many of your heroes are covering their mouths and noses

Public transport is safe thanks to you!